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Russian Brides

Russian Brides - how I found my Russian Bride..

Welcome my russian brides resource site. I met and fell in love with a russian lady back in 2002, we're now happily married. This site is here to help you if you want to search for love in Russia. I've picked the best sites and resources available to try and help you find that special someone without falling in to all the potential traps and scams that there are out there.

Russian Post Alternative

Here's another new and useful resource - An alternative to using the somewhat unreliable Russian postal service..

Russia is a great country and occupies 1/6 of the world's land surface, but Internet and computers serve only a few percent of Russia's population. International letters stream to Russia and back through the Capital, Moscow. Usually a snail mail letter from America reaches the center of Russia (Krasnoyarsk) in around 14 to 18 days. From Krasnoyarsk, it usually takes 21 - 28 days to reach the United States. Via this online "RussianPost" delivery service you can shorten the period of delivery to less than 1 week. You can send a letter, telegram or postcard to your friends and relatives directly in Russian, or you can choose Translation into Russian & Delivery service, or you can get a reply in English, it's your choice.

Click Here to get your Russian Post Alternative

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That's it for the moment, but I will be adding more as soon as I find any new Russian Mail Order Brides worth adding to the site, so add the site to your favourites and come back soon, or...


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